Trust and Estate Litigation

End of life planning, transitions, and wealth transfer can sometimes create family feuds and discord. In reality, the more wealth being transferred usually means the more potential for family feuds. Every so often, unfortunately, those disputes lead to litigation. Trust and estate litigation has become increasingly common over the years, especially as the Baby Boomers continue to age. Conflicts arising between and among trustees, executors, beneficiaries, guardians, partners, agents (powers of attorney), and corporations are becoming commonplace. Trust and estate litigation matters come with unique challenges, often driven by complicated and interwoven legal, emotional, financial, and strategic issues. Estate litigation usually develops from beneficiaries contesting or attempting to nullify a will, estate, or trust. The purpose of a will contest is to obtain a legal ruling on whether the instrument is valid, as well as a verdict as to who is entitled to benefit from it. Trusts are another type of estate planning vehicle that often require litigation to resolve issues. Executors and trustees have responsibilities that require the utmost good faith, diligence, and prudence, and accordingly, they are said to hold a fiduciary duty, which requires them to not only act in good faith but also distribute assets properly and expeditiously. When there is a suspected breach of fiduciary duties, parties may seek to remove or change an executor or trustee, which sometimes lead to litigation. VSI is uniquely trained and well-positioned to work with plaintiffs, defendants, and as a financial neutral in trust and estate litigation.


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