Marital Dissolution

Valuing a business or a business interest in a divorce has become one of the most common reasons for engaging a business valuation professional. When a couple goes through a marital dissolution process, it is often necessary to determine the value of any privately-held business that they owned during the course of the marriage. As part of the divorce process, the assets and liabilities will have to be divided between the parties through a process called “equitable distribution.” Essentially, a court will classify property as either marital or separate, place a value on the property, and then distribute amongst the spouses. In many cases, one of the most contentious and difficult issues in a divorce proceeding is the valuation and distribution of marital property. This is particularly true when significant assets are involved or when the matter involves high-profile individuals. When the stakes are significant, it is important to work with valuation experts that have extensive experience, skills, and a track record of success. One question that can make a valuation more complex is the issue of personal and professional goodwill as a business asset. This goodwill can attach to the enterprise or to the working owner depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. Business valuation professionals must also define a standard of value before proceeding with the valuation analysis. VSI’s team of experts have over 20 years of experience in advising attorneys and their clients in complex and demanding marital dissolution matters.


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