Arbitration and Mediation

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) (including arbitration and mediation) refers to legal procedures for resolving disputes outside the court system. ADR proceedings can offer the disputing parties certain advantages including faster resolution and potentially lower legal fees. Mediation continues to grow in popularity as a means of resolving legal disputes and allows the parties to air their grievances face-to-face in a confidential setting with the help of a skilled mediator. Arbitration is a form of adjudication in which the neutral decision-maker (the arbitrator) is not a judge or an official of an administrative agency. Unlike mediation where the disputing parties determine the result, in arbitration, the arbitrator resolves the dispute based on evidence or other submissions at a hearing. An arbitration resembles litigation more than mediation; however, it is less formal and more flexible than litigation. More and more disputing parties are choosing to settle their differences through ADR proceedings in an effort to expedite dispute resolutions and minimize legal costs. As a result, the need to hire a valuation professional as an expert in ADR proceedings has increased over the years. In mediation, a valuation expert can assist in analyzing the potential theories of the case, developing damage calculations, and evaluating the range of potential damages. In arbitration, there is greater flexibility in the valuation expert’s role because there are no evidentiary rules that limit whether an expert can be used. Arbitrators are generally subject matter experts in their own right, and they will likely understand the core concepts of the case. This allows the valuation expert to concentrate his/her testimony on complex matters. VSI’s valuation professionals are available and highly qualified to provide business valuation expert opinions in mediation, arbitration, or court proceedings.


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